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True Crime Podcasts: Live in Toronto

Come and join some of your favourite true crime podcasters – and guests – for an afternoon at The Royal! There’ll be a case presentation, panel discussions, an interactive Q&A, followed by a here’ll be a meet and greet.


The Case Presentation:

The Donnellys –

Canada’s most savage pioneer feud

An Irish immigrant family arrived in Lucan, Ontario in the 1840s, and almost immediately clashed with members of the local community. A fiery dispute erruped that would last for decades and escalate into madness, leaving a pile of bodies in its wake. Gritty and brutal, this well-known case has long been the subject of rumour and legend, but now is the chance to find out what really happened.

Written by Nate Hendley based on his book Black Donnellys, and presented by a panel of true crime podcasters, this story will grip you from start to finish.


The Podcasters:

– Already Gone – Nina Innsted

– Canadian True Crime – Kristi Lee

– The Generation Why – Aaron Habel

– Nighttime Podcast – Jordan Bonaparte

– The Trail Went Cold – Robin Warder

Enjoy some of your favourite podcasters live in action with case presentations, panel discussions, and an interactive Q&A. Afterwards, there’ll be a meet and greet.

Bar service will be available.

Doors open at 2 pm, show starts at 2:15 pm.

Upcoming Screenings:

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