2004 / 124 min. / R
Director: Michael Mann
Cast: Jamie Foxx; Tom Cruise; Jada Pinkett Smith; Mark Ruffalo; Javier Bardem

Up All Night, Vol. 1: COLLATERAL

The ultimate all-nighter for film junkies—join us for Up All Night @ The Royal, a weekend of cult classics dedicated to the romance, calamity, and adrenaline-fueled hijinks of one-nighters. From such lauded cineastes as Martin Scorsese, Richard Linklater, Jim Jarmusch, and Michael Mann, we’re celebrating those particular films dedicated to one-night narratives, whether they be love at first sight (BEFORE SUNRISE); zany catastrophe (AFTER HOURS); rough and tumble midnight rambles (NIGHT ON EARTH); or neo-noir thrills (COLLATERAL)—including stunning 35mm prints of select titles. Fuel up on 24-hour diner coffee, be prepared to wander the streets bathed in the midnight glow of street lamps, and hail a cab for a twilight ride of mystery, intrigue, comedy, and romance.

DCP Presentation courtesy Paramount

For our closing night film, we’re taking it to the streets of Los Angeles with Michael Mann’s rousing cat-and-mouse thriller COLLATERAL. In a rare silver-foxed turn, ruthless hitman Tom Cruise offers ambitious cab driver Jamie Foxx (in an Oscar-nominated performance) $600 to be his personal driver for the night. What Foxx doesn’t realize is that he has unwittingly signed up to become Cruise’s accomplice in 5 hired hits that need to be completed before the dawn breaks. What ensues is a night chock full of mayhem, debauchery, and the seediest of L.A. locations. Hop in to The Royal Cinema. The metre is running.

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