2018 / 115 min. /
Director: Damon Packard
Cast: Mike Hickey, Marika Jett Hickey, John Bekolay and Steve Cattani as William Friedkin

WTFilm Fest: Damon Packard’s FATAL PULSE


“When it comes to exploring the past, Packard is ahead of his time.” – Joseph Dwyer, Diabolique Magazine

“Packard rises to the top of his game here with his best film to date.” Chuck Foster, Film Threat

Underground filmmaker Damon Packard’s four-year in the making anarchist epic follows the exploits of husband/wife moguls trapped with a deadbeat couch potato brother in a hallucinogenic 1-900 world of 1991. Inspired by the corporate take-over era of the late 80s/early 90s and all the dark, atmospheric, neo-noir thrillers that came along with it. The result is hilarious, baffling, exhilarating, exhausting, provocative, abrasive, and contains hysterical impersonations of Julia Roberts, RUSH and William Friedkin.

The management has asked us to remind you all that we are not responsible for the brain damage this film might inflict.

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