Stephan Moccio, October 6th

The extremely talented Stephan Moccio is coming to the Royal Theatre on October 6th.

One of the most compelling writers in music today, Stephan Moccio possesses a rare power to express incredibly complex and nuanced emotions through melody alone. In recent years, the classically trained pianist, composer, producer, and arranger has shown his melodic ingenuity in such iconic hits as Miley Cyrus’s seven-times-platinum “Wrecking Ball,” garnered three Grammy nominations, and received an Oscar nod for co-writing The Weeknd’s seven-times-platinum “Earned It”—all while establishing himself as a highly esteemed recording artist.

Over the years, Moccio has penned songs for superstars like Dua Lipa, Avril Lavigne, Seal, James Blunt, and Ne-Yo, landing seven songs on the Billboard Hot 100 on the strength of his undeniably original and deeply resonant melodies. And while he continues to experience enormous success in the pop world, he looks to expand his career and musical vision through his new focus on solo piano and instrumental music. “I love artistic tension and the process of working through things with collaborators,” says Moccio. “But with my own music, it’s very meaningful to me to have absolute creative control, and to put everything I have into making
something I completely believe in.”

In reflecting on the making of his last album, Moccio speaks to the profound sense of purpose behind his endeavors as a recording artist. “If people are going to gift me with the hour of their time that it takes to listen to this body of work, then I want to give them something valuable in
return,” he says. “It needs to be something beautiful, first and foremost, but it also needs to be something that makes them feel peaceful inside. I want this music to be meditative and transformative for everyone who hears it, and to give them back the time and space that so many of us are missing today.”