Live Comedy

The Royal Theatre is the ultimate destination for live comedy. Our state-of-the-art facilities and dynamic atmosphere create an unforgettable experience for both performers and audiences. With a commitment to fostering community and collaboration, we’ve hosted some of the biggest names in comedy as well as rising stars. See below who’s performing next!

  • Yannis Pappas, March 23rd

    Saturday March 23rd at 7:00pm and 9:30pm, Yannis Pappas will be gracing the stage of the Royal Theatre!

    Yannis Pappas is a stand-up comedian, podcaster and TV host. He’s a regular on The Joe Rogan Experience, Tim Dillon Show, Your Mom’s House, 2 Bears 1 Cave, Bad Friends and Tigerbelly. His insanely popular podcast LongDays with Yannis Pappas is available on YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts. His previous podcast History Hyenas with Chris Distefano is also available on Youtube and wherever you listen to podcasts. Yannis has two hour-long stand-up comedy specials on YouTube (Mom Love 2022 & Blowing the Light 2019), an hour-long album (Let Me Be Yannis) and a half-hour Comedy Central Special (2014) all available on YouTube.

  • Martin Amini, March 29th

    Late show alert! Martin Amini is coming to the Royal Theatre on March 29th and by popular demand, a late show has been added.

    Martin Amini is a stand up comic based in Los Angeles, California and born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. Martin’s stand up material touches on what’s its like growing up mixed in America coming from a Bolivian and Iranian background. After making his tv debut on Laff Tracks on TruTv, Martin filmed his stand up special “Son of An Ice Cream Man” at The Kennedy Center in 2020. Martin has gone on to build a loyal following on social media and can be seen headlining shows across the country.

    Only a few tickets left, grab yours while you can!

  • Harland Williams , April 12th

    Comedian and Actor Harland Williams is known the world over for his hilarious movie roles and outlandish stand up and sketch comedy routines. From his unforgettable roles in films such as Dumb and Dumber, Something about Mary, Half Baked, Rocketman, Sorority Boys, Down Periscope and so many more.
    Harland has been described as a scene stealing actor whose unique portrayals of his characters keep them etched in the minds of filmgoers everywhere. Add to this his incredible stand up comedy routines, which have been seen on Letterman, The Tonight Show, Conan O’Brian, HBO, Comedy Central and everywhere else.
    Described as sharp, witty, unpredictable and original; Harland is the true master of joke telling and crowd interaction. His improvisational skills led to him winning the award for best improviser on NBC’s prime time series, ‘Thank God You Are Here’ (available on YouTube).
    Harland Williams is the rare comic artist who has managed to master both Stand Up and Sketch comedy and combine them both masterfully into his shows. Fresh, funny and always full of the unexpected, Harland’s incredible shows are not to be missed.

  • Kevin James Thornton , April 25th and 26th

    Kevin James Thornton has built a loyal following with his hilarious, heartfelt and occasionally
    cringey moments of self reflection (with a splash of autotune) about growing up gay in a
    religious community.

    He has over 2 million followers on Instagram and TikTok with combined
    views nearing a billion. From 2009-2012 he toured 3 successful one-man-shows nationwide to
    theatre festivals and comedy clubs where Showbiz Chicago said the performance was “Intimate
    brilliance” and NUVO Indianapolis said it was “memorable and moving.”

    He has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Advocate, The New Yorker and Cosmopolitan, and was featured in a piece on NPR’s All Things Considered. Currently his TV special “Be Yourself” is on Amazon
    Prime and Apple TV. He’s gearing up for another full year of live shows in 2024.

  • Stories of Scotland, April 27th

    Stories of Scotland comes to the Royal Theatre on April 27th, wrapping Scottish history and comedy into one hilarious and informative package with Bruce Fummey.

    Bruce has spent fifteen years performing stand-up and creating Scottish history-themed shows for festivals around the world. A former teacher, he has spent the last few years asking YouTube audiences to “Let me tell you a story” in a series of hugely popular videos, amassing an incredible 200k subscribers for his YouTube channel, Scotland History Tours.

    Film and TV roles have followed in the wake of this success and in 2023 he’ll be coming to Toronto to tell stories and jokes in person with a brand-new live show, Stories of Scotland. Nominated for many comedy awards and named Scottish Comedian Of The Year in 2014, Bruce will bring his chirpy, occasionally near-the-bone but self-deprecating style of comedy to spice up some of the stories from Scotland’s past.

  • Troy Hawke, May 7th

    Troy Hawke is the moustachioed motivator of the high street and he’s gracing the stage of the Royal Theatre on May 7th.

    An erudite, homeschooled 1930s throwback, Troy is the founding (and currently sole) member of the Greeter’s Guild.

    Hobbies include scrabble, conspiracy theories and calling Man City’s Erling Haaland a “Tremendous Nordic Meat Shield”.

    Milo McCabe is a character stand-up with over ten years experience on the circuit headlining the biggest comedy clubs across the UK. As Troy Hawke he has garnered multiple award nominations and wins in various festivals across the world and sold out his Edinburgh 2019 and 2022 run and subsequent tours.

  • Urzila Carlson, May 11th

    Multi-award-winning South African-New Zealander, Urzila Carlson, has become one of the biggest names in comedy in Australia and New Zealand and she’s coming to the Royal Theatre May 11th, at 7pm!

    Her trademark deadpan humour and cheeky wit has seen her win fans the world over for her television appearances and live shows. A touring powerhouse, Urzila has toured the globe and sells out live shows year after year.

    In the first half of 2023, Urzila embarked on a highly successful tour of her show It’s Personal throughout the UK, captivating sold-out audiences. Following this, she triumphantly returned to Australia with her new show, Just No! earning the prestigious People’s Choice Award for the second consecutive year at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

    Looking ahead to 2024, Urzila will embark on an Australian Tour with her new show Just Jokes in 2024 and appear at Netflix is a Joke Festival in LA in May.

    Tickets go on sale tomorrow, January 26th at 10am. Grab yours before it sells out!

  • Fern Brady, May 16th

    We have a very special guest coming to the Royal Theatre on May 16th at 6pm:

    Scottish Comedian Fern Brady!

    Scotland’s queen of comedy Fern Brady (Taskmaster (Channel 4), Live At The Apollo (BBC2), Roast Battle (Comedy Central), The Russell Howard Hour (Sky), The Last Leg (Channel 4)) is back on tour with a brand new show. What happens when you get everything you want and it’s not enough? This is a great show to come and see if you are a fan of the Scottish comedian Fern Brady. Fern is the author of Sunday Times best selling memoir STRONG FEMALE CHARACTER whose previous show POWER AND CHAOS was broadcast on BBC1. Fern was also recently named by the LIST Magazine as Scotland’s second most influential person of 2023.

    Tickets go on sale Friday February 2nd at 10am.

  • Joe Avati, October 25th

    Comedian Joe Avati is bringing the laughter to the Royal Theatre October 25th, 2024 at 7pm!

    In Joe Avati’s hilarious new show he asks you to leave your political correctness at the door. Internationally renowned for his inimitable style Avati, who is Australian born with an Italian heritage, is a master of treading the very fine line saying what everyone is thinking but no one dares to say whilst not resorting to the use of profanities or vulgar shock tactic routines.

    In his latest offering WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE he compares the ‘then versus now’ generational differences of today’s children against his own, the complexities of modern day parenting compared to the strict upbringing of yesteryear and threaded throughout all of this he tackles the minefield of comedians and cancel culture, the woke brigade and why people are over political correctness.

    His observations are not only deadly accurate but extremely relatable to all ages.