Upcoming Events

Come join us at the Royal Theatre for a variety of exciting events that are not to be missed! We host film screenings, local festivals, and conferences. Whether you’re a film buff or an industry professional, the Royal Theatre provides a unique and welcoming environment for everyone. Join us for a night of entertainment, community, and creative expression. Take a look at our upcoming events below!

  • Updating , November 17th
    The first-of-its-kind live reality show redefining what it means to be “raw.” The “Horniest Show in Town” starts with a simple premise: two singles are casted to go on blindfolded first dates but what follows is a unique brand of drama, satire, comedy, twists, turns, and unlimited fun. It’s the realest, most honest voice in entertainment right now. Hosted by comedian, Brandon Berman, the 90-minute show touches on different topics during every episode. Not a show where you sit back & watch from afar, producer & cohost Harrison Forman makes sure you join in on the action from the audience through interactive moments, and most importantly, an epic assortment of scandalous prizes! Oh, and the UpDating family is epic, a scene unlike any other tour out there with after parties where you may even get lucky 😉
  • Cry, My Beloved Country , October 8th
    CRY, MY BELOVED COUNTRY is a feature length documentary about a South African Emigrant, Corrine who grew up in the Apartheid Regime in the 1970’s. Corrine returns to her birth country 30 years later with her Canadian children. Together they embark on an emotional journey back to South Africa. Their journey takes them into the heart of past and present-day conflicts in a country ravaged by corruption. Corrines quest to show her children her beloved country is shattered. She digs deep to reveal the truth behind the devastation of South Africa.
  • The Great Canadian Comedy Film Fest , November 24th and 25th
    The best comedy film festival in Canada returns to The Royal! The Great Canadian Comedy Film Festival returns with all new comedic content from all over the world. If you want to laugh, trust us we got you covered. Hit the red carpet and help a filmmaker win the grand prize. See you there!
  • The Great Canadian Horror Film Fest, October 6th and 7th
    For its third year The Great Canadian Horror Film Festival is pleased to be returning to The Royal theatre to showcase its latest collection of short Horror films. Come walk the red carpet and enjoy 90 mins of the scariest films from around the world. You can vote to give one lucky filmmaker the grand prize.
  • That’s Messed Up Live, October 24th
    Comedians and amateur detectives Liza Treyger and Kara Klenk take their hit podcast That’s Messed Up on the road where they break down a classic episode of Law & Order: SVU plus games, gossip and more! These are their stories…dun dun.